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Protect Your Diploma

Properly protected, your diploma will last many lifetimes. Share the gift of education with your children and grandchildren by protecting your diploma in an officially licened Diploma Frame.

Graduation can be expensive

Graduation commitments run long and deep. From application to walking across the stage, to moving to a new city, there are great adventures ahead... many of which will cost money. When you send Graduation Announcements to friends and family, they understand this, and many will send gifts to help you with the great transition ahead.

Job Fair-Making the Right Impression

How to stand out at your next job fair, without being the sore thumb. Making a great first impression is a must.

Job Hunting Tips

Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Where do I find the best job? Websites? On campus? More?

Transitional Insurance. Do you need it?

Getting Health Insurance

Of the many issues and problems that graduates face after college, getting temporary health insurance after graduation is one of the toughest and most important. Depending on what type of insurance you have had in the past, your options as to types of plans after graduation may vary. Since being off of all insurance even for a short period of time can make it incredibly difficult to receive insurance coverage, it’s important to plan and figure out exactly what your options are, and what you’re going to do for coverage.

Your Insurance Options

Regrettably, if you’ve been on your parent’s health insurance as a student, you’ll most likely be taken off of it after you’ve graduated. However, depending on the insurance company, you may be eligible for temporary health insurance through COBRA for a short period of time. Usually for around 18 months after graduation, students are able to be covered by COBRA. However, it is incredibly more expensive than simply purchasing a separate plan, and is only recommended for as long as it takes to receive some sort of other insurance plan. Before purchasing COBRA insurance though, ask your parents’ insurance broker about extending their plan to factor you in, and for how long you may do so. Many insurance companies will allow for some type of extension to take place for temporary health insurance after graduation.

Some colleges have their own special student health insurance plans that you may be covered under while attending school. Depending on the school, it may be possible to receive an extension on their health insurance plan. Most colleges and universities realize the predicament of graduating with no set job plans and the difficulty of finding quality health insurance. Ask administration at your school whether or not they might participate in this kind of program.

Purchase an Individual Plan
On the occasion you won’t be able to be covered under your parents or schools health plans; you may have to resort to simply purchasing an individual plan for yourself. Though this can be a hefty task, it is necessary to have some type of temporary health insurance at all times. Find help through family and friends for research on choosing the best provider for you. There are numerous insurance providers and plans which may be more or less beneficial to you and your health needs. Insurance brokers will also help you determine what the best plan for you will be. When getting health insurance after graduation, consider how much money you are able to spend on insurance every month, what types of insurance you need specific to your health, and how much freedom you’ll require in choosing where and who your health care specialists will be.

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